President Obama is Coming to Mansfield…..yawn.

That’s right, yawn. The man didn’t know where Mansfield was until someone on his press core had mentioned it to him. “Oh, you mean the town where we closed GM and that wing of the 179th we want to close. Oh yeah, let’s go there. AND we’ll use that airport right before we close it.”

Fact is, even with out those nuggets of information, I’m still in the “I don’t wanna” phase of going to see Obama. Sure, it would be cool to meet the President of the United States. But not while he’s campaigning. Not while I KNOW he’s up there deliberately LYING to the masses to hold on to a job. If I was awarded an actual meet and greet, I would be in. Not gonna lie. Being able to say “I met the President” would be a decent feather to put in your cap. But, to be herded like sheep and treated like a potential terrorist just to be just a faceless person in the crowd to get lied to. No thanks.

I’ve already SEEN plenty of celebrities in my life. I’ve MET some interesting people in my life, as well, entertainers, authors, politicians. Some still know my name when they see me.

THOSE are the interactions I strive for.

Have fun in the crowds, Mansfield. I’ll be watching from my front row seat…. at home.


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