What Defines You?

During a trip home from an outing with friends, a conversation came up that stuck with me. One of my friends was upset by the actions of an individual who’s only goal in life is to let EVERYBODY know he’s gay. (Stay with me this is NOT about homosexuality!) My friend doesn’t have a problem with the belief itself, but rather that the belief is the sole identity of the individual.

For the purpose of having a segue from my previous post…

Is there ANY difference between the two? Two humans kissing in protest. Are they truly for the cause that has spawned he protest? Or are they the subjects to photos because they want EVERYBODY to see them?

How many of you HATE those mushy couples that can’t seem to get their hands off of each other? You know, the ones that make you say “Get a room!” Guess what, some gays are just like that, too. It’s a human trait, not a sexual preference one. The difference is intolerance. And intolerance isn’t necessarily the fault of the “hater”. Sometimes the aggressor is the “victim” by throwing their traits in the face of the world at every open moment. (again, think of the heterosexual couple flaunting their passion for each other in front of you)

If I were to run up into your face as often as I could and yelled “GO BROWNS!”, sooner or later, you’ll want to punch me. But if I just wear the team colors and say nothing, you probably won’t even notice, let alone care. (Unless you’re a Steelers fan….then it’s game on! lol) The point is, aggression will be met by equal or greater resistance regardless of what the subject matter is.

I understand not wanting certain elements around you. I don’t like Indian food. I don’t go to their restaurants. That doesn’t mean I start a movement where ALL Indian restaurants must be shut down! Yes, you encounter the “unwanted” elements in the Media. As George Carlin once said “There are two knobs. One changes the channel. And the other….SHUTS IT OFF!”

Back to how you’re defined, some folks don’t have many hats to wear. Some are “pigeon-holed” into one classification by the public.

A minority is “wronged”:

A question of biblical morals arises:

A debate about the use of Steroids arises:

Fact is, people are multi-dimentional. It’s what you broadcast to the world that could make your personality seem one-dimentional.

This commercial used to run on the USA Network. It’s one of my favorites.

What are you? What are you KNOWN for by those around you? Are you a single-dimentional person? Or are you known as many things?

Me? If that video were mine:

  • I am an adopted child
  • I am a Parent
  • I am a business owner
  • I am a video maker
  • I am a photographer
  • I am a Libra
  • I search for balance and fairness (notice I said that differently than FOX news!)
  • I support local music
  • I support those who strive to achieve

Back to Characters Unite, this is their most recent movement:

Shouldn’t we ALL be joining this movement?

And now for my curveball. After all of this “what labels make you?” talk. Why do we have (and cling to) labels? All they have done are separate us. Sure, the labels hang out together but that is hardly unity, isn’t it? Perhaps it’s time to “get past the labels”.

Check out the video via this link: http://www.charactersunite.com/programming/psas/labels

Black, White, Gay, Straight, Asian, Polish, Irish, Mexican… does it REALLY matter? In my list, did I give you a hint as to my ethnic background, gender, sexual preference? No. I told you about me, the person inside. Isn’t that what REALLY matters? I have had friends who happened to be Black, White, Gay, Straight, Irish, Polish, Indian, British, Canadian, Korean, Mexican, Male, Female, Handicapped, Gifted, Special, and some plagued with diseases we don’t fully understand. The one thing they ALL have in common is, I am their friend.

Friends and Family. Aren’t THOSE the labels we should care about?

It’s all about CHARACTER, not labels. And for one final comment:


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