Obama… thanks for coming to town, now pay your bill!

When someone raises millions upon millions of dollars to run for President and then comes to a city that has been in fiscal emergency for TWO YEARS and then sticks that city with the bill for all the preparations and security needed for him, that my friends is messed up! (Yes, I am toning that phrase down!)

Now, Team Obama may still step up and pay the city but as of right now, there is no talk, no offer, no nothing.  What the hell is all that money he is raising for?  Oh yeah, the less he spends, the more he can keep afterwards.  GRRRRRR!  How can you seriously ask me to vote for you when you further cripple my city?  Why don’t you just go ahead and close the airport right after you leave like your Administration wants to do?

As you know, I am not a big supporter of the two party system.  They have totally had their way with us and it is time to change the song in this dance!  The two step is over!

So, I found a website called iSideWith.com and after a short quiz, it tells you who your values match up with the best.  Below, is a screen capture of my results.  Gee, what a surprise!

Now I’m not going to get on the Libertarian Soap Box in this blog, but I AM going to ask you to go to that site and learn who you should ACTUALLY be leaning toward.  Before this, I thought I was leaning toward Obama… guess not.

So, to wrap up this quick blog, here’s a couple images for you!


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