I recently learned that an individual in the area was badmouthing me and my craft.  This was in an effort to make this individual appear superior to myself and any other person behind a camera.  At first, I was upset by the news.  What have I done to bring on this attack?  Apparently, they started shooting video and posting live music with interviews and told my friend that they were not doing it anymore because they weren’t getting the attention of Mid Ohio Rock Show, a YouTube channel that I Produce, Direct, Shoot and Edit.  Was THIS the reason for my attack? Is it MY fault that people weren’t watching?

I don’t spend a lot of time sitting around figuring out how to outdo anybody or keep others from reaching my “success”.  How to trip them in this perceived race we’re in.  How to add to my credibility by taking away someone else’s (by falsehoods or other means).  I don’t have the time or experience to even pretend to proclaim myself best in the City, County or State.  (I’m not even sure I’m the best in my neighborhood!)  What I do know is I enjoy shooting and editing video, taking photographs and working with graphic editors.

What keeps me awake some nights are ideas.  Ideas on how I can do MY thing better.  How I can improve for the next video.  Snap a better photograph.  Design a sweeter flyer.  I am in a race with myself.  Each time I complete a project, I am looking for the next logical hurdle to overcome.  If I happen to be outdoing somebody in the meantime, so be it.  I don’t know or care about my status against the others.  Once I am done learning (and the intelligent ones know that will NEVER happen) then I will concern myself with why am I not as good as the others.

I haven’t gone to school for anything that I do.  Everything I know about video, photos, the Adobe software series, iWhatever I’m using at the time, I have sat down, researched, and learned on my own.  I don’t have a mentor to judge how well I am doing things.  I am all on my own here.

Sure, I have my friends who also hide behind cameras that I converse with and we share ideas.  It doesn’t mean that I run home and try to take their idea and make it better (the term “better” is in the eye of the beholder, anyway…isn’t it?)

Eric Smith is one of the best photographers for family and senior photos that I have the pleasure of knowing.  I called him in to do our Wedding photos last April and we are the furthest from disappointed that you can be!  You can check him out at

Violet Thompson’s photos of live bands have taken a HUGE leap in the past year.  She just knows how to capture the artist on stage.  She’s my still photographer for Mid Ohio Rock Show and I would completely trust her if I were a band looking for some great action shots for your promotional needs!  She doesn’t have a website but you can look her up on Facebook.

What you should take away from this is, what do you ACTUALLY achieve by bringing down somebody else?  When you do, the person you brought down suffers, and (for the sake of argument) when they pass on #1 to get to you, that just brings down the quality in general.  Would Coke and Pepsi be as good if they didn’t have each other to work against?

If people would just get out of their own way and help someone else, its amazing what could happen.  And if the “kid” you help ends up being better than you, if you’ve taught them anything in that time, they would be paying you back and paying forward in an effort to help the next generation (yes, I know that’s not a guarantee.  Just work with me here!).  What’s wrong with that?  Not everybody can be #1.  But if you can look at #1 and legitimately say “I taught them what they know” or “I got them started in this business”, isn’t that a nice consolation prize rather than resentment?


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