Comparing Illegal Immigrants to Slavery? REALLY?

Let’s start at the beginning.  Here’s what I found waiting for my on my Facebook wall:

I don’t have a single thought that can carry a full blog here.  What I do have are questions and statements.

  • Whoever made this photo has NO CHANCE of remembering how it was!  It was 1609 when the first boat came over.  The Slavery Abolition Act was signed in 1833 (yes, I know it didn’t stop there but stay with me!)  So, you would have to be over 179 years old to actually REMEMBER how it was!  Was there people back in the day screaming “THIS IS WRONG”?  I bet there were, they just didn’t make the history books.
  • Next, if we are going to frame up Illegal Immigration this way, shouldn’t we realize that this is a BAD IDEA and put a stop to it?  Instead of welcoming every Juan, Jose and Pedro (I don’t know the Mexican equivalent of “Tom, Dick and Harry”, sorry) into the country and siphon off of the system that they refuse to subscribe to!
  • And IF this is a valid comparison, why hasn’t the NAACP or any other African American organization rose up and spoke AGAINST Illegal Immigration?  With the chip that still lays on their shoulders about what happened to their great, great grand folks, shouldn’t they be wanting to end such a thing?
  • If Americans DID treat the Illegals like the slaves were treated, they would run back to Mexico and build a wall keeping US out!

I wasn’t around when slavery happened.  Hell, I was barely around for full blown segregation (again, stay with me, that is a whole other debate).  I have never met anybody who witnessed the boats coming in… and neither did you!  Nobody has a direct comparison as to whether or not Illegal Immigrants have it as bad as the slaves did.

I somehow doubt it.


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