American Idle (Presidential Election Reform)

For those who have followed my blogs on other sites, I apologize for rehashing.  But I think this one needed to be brought to my WordPress postings:

With the 2012 Election season quickly descending upon us, I feel it is time to discuss how I think the Presidential race can be cured…or at least corrected somewhat.  This idea is more of a glorified bullet-point list, let’s keep the hair-splitting to a minimum.  First, this needs to be said, this plan works against the two party system.  It’s an old fashioned idea who’s time has passed.  There, I said it.

  • First, each State would hold an election to choose its own Presidential candidate.  This would give us 50 candidates running for the President.  (YAHOO!)
  • The five main news networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and FOX) would hold a lottery that would give each network 10 candidates.
  • Each of the networks would be given a primetime slot (Sunday through Thursday) for their own version of “American Idol/ X Factor/ The Voice/ (you get the point)”.
  • Each week, there would be a different topic debated among the candidates.
  • The following week, a candidate would be voted off via America’s vote.  Go back to previous step and repeat until each network is down to one.
  • In the meantime, the entertainment shows (TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, Access Hollywood) would circle like piranha looking to dig up dirt on any and all of the 50 candidates, giving us the most honest view of politicians EVER.  (Think about how much dirt they dig up on the American Idol contestants…now imagine that it matters!)
  • Once each network has one candidate, those are the people you will be voting for in November.  Each network would plug their candidate (doing away with equal time on EVERY station).
  • Each of the five networks will hold a debate with the 5 remaining candidates. (again, doing away with equal time).
  • We vote and still bitch for the next four years!  (U.S.A.!  U.S.A.!)

I believe this is the best way to get decent people back in power (or create a better class of criminal).


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