Cleveland Browns Game 1 Review



I cannot believe we did it again! How can a guy who hits clay pigeons in flight miss human beings wearing orange and brown?!?! After that 4th INT, all I heard was “We done!”

I have not understood from day one what the Browns Powers-That-Be saw in Weeden to trade up to get this bust in the making, but I have seen NOTHING out of this guy that would tell me he’s worthy of a 7th round pick, let alone reaching for him in the 1st.

He overthrows, underthrows and doesn’t seem too concerned about the mistakes. THAT in itself drives me nuts!

I feel bad for the defense. 4 INTs and a fumble and their offensive counterparts muster up 3 field goals.

The Eagle offense scored 3 times as well in the form of a field goal and two touchdowns.

That’s the difference, Vick can finish a drive and hit receivers when he needs to. Sure, he also had 4 INTs on the day, but all that does is takes excuses from the Browns Offense.

And to those who are questioning why they didn’t go for two after the DEFENSE scored the only Cleveland touchdown, do you REALLY think that offense would have gained two yards in a single play?

Next week is Cincinnati….better show us something, pigeon boy or you’ll go from Weeden to “done”.


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