Bob Costas doesn’t know SQUAT!

Over the past few days, I have been hearing about gun control.  Drugs are illegal, aren’t they?  So that means people aren’t getting ahold of them, RIGHT?  So don’t sit there and tell me that stricter gun control laws are going to stop the problem!   So for Bob Costas to take time from the halftime show on Sunday night to tell us that guns are bad, is asinine!  One, who cares what Bob Costas thinks?  Call the damn game and hush!  Just because you are given a platform to communicate to millions of people doesn’t mean your thoughts or ideas are any better, or legitimate, than anybody watching you!  Having said that, here’s my take (lol)!

In the case of the Kansas City Chiefs player who killed is girlfriend and then himself, OJ and Jack the Ripper used a knife. (Yeah, I said it!) If this guy wanted his girl dead, it was going to happen.  His gun was the chosen means.  Period.

And for the 13 Cleveland Police Officers who are on leave for firing 137 rounds into a car, killing two, after (AND ONLY AFTER) being shot at, going on a 30 minute chase and then a cruiser getting rammed by the suspect’s car and an officer almost run over in the same move, I agree with The Mike Trivisonno Show when he said “You shoot at a cop and all bets are off the table!”  Those cops have families to get home to!  They MUST be able to defend themselves!  To put those cops under leave pending investigation when there are witnesses saying “YES!  The cops were shot at, that’s what started the chase.” is, once again, asinine!  Now, do the police ALWAYS make the right decision?  No.  But then again, do you?  Each incident must be looked at, sure.  A kid running off from spray painting a wall doesn’t deserve to be shot, granted.  But these guys were spraying bullets, not paint!

It’s simple, DON’T BREAK THE LAW!


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