Is it Time For a Recall Election?

Regardless of what we are hearing from Washington about the fiscal cliff, should we celebrate a deal being made AFTER the deadline?

In my mind, elected officials are chosen to do a job, not serve their own needs or ensure a pension. So, with that in mind, why did it take until AFTER the deadline for these people to get serious about DOING THEIR JOBS?!?

I feel that we should recall each and every one of the Capitol Hill hooligans (or as I call them, Empty Headed PEZ Dispensers) and start fresh. Perhaps THAT would get their attention.

Also, I would add in one more Federal law: “Any elected official, who’s region they preside over is financially “in the red,” receives NO PAY until the region’s financial stability is intact.” We would be saving over 95 MILLION DOLLARS in Congressional salaries until the deficit was paid off! Talk about budget cuts!

THAT should eliminate some of the riff raff, don’t you think? Perhaps that would bring a better class of leader to this country!


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