Hundreds of Ohio Teachers Sign Up for Free Firearms Training… Is That Wise?

“Should teachers be armed inside the classroom? It’s a debate that’s been going on for years, but now ignited by the tragic school shootings in Connecticut.

The idea of arming teachers is hitting closer to home, as hundreds of Ohio teachers sign up for free firearm training courses. The Buckeye Firearms Association near Columbus announced last week, they’d offer free firearms training to teachers and administrators.

Within 10 days, they say more than 600 people applied and the number of applicants is growing. The courses are being offered for free, here in Ohio and in several other states.

In a statement to Channel 3, the Buckeye Firearms Association lawyer said the training is essential “because it gives them an option other than staying in place and hoping the gunman doesn’t come into their classroom”

In Ohio, the law prohibits teachers and staff to carry guns in school. The only way around it is if the school board approves it.”

Written by Maureen Kyle at WKYC-TV

I am all for the Second Amendment and defending yourself.  But is it REALLY a good idea to have teachers armed?  I know several teachers (some of whom will be reading this, I’m sure!) and I respect them to the highest degree.  But I have to address the lowest denominator.  There is a reason we have the joke about the little boy eating paste.  If we can’t keep little Elmer from eating Elmer’s, what happens if a gun is left unattended for a briefest of moments?  Another series of internet posts about how it’s a bad idea that teachers have guns!  Then Congress will get involved, instead of handling their own business, and the folks against the Second Amendment will have another spoke in their wheel to get the guns removed from our not so cold, dead hands.

I feel that having some kind of protection in schools is a great move.  But to have everybody packing heat, ESPECIALLY when you don’t know how they react in an intense situation like a shooting, is a HUGE mistake and should not be taken lightly.  Maybe having off duty or retired Military and Police Officers present in the schools would help detour the already slight possibility of it happening in your school.  I don’t know.  I am not the man with the answers, just some questions.

Back to our teachers being armed, I think one of my teacher friends had said it best:

“I can’t imagine that my teaching with a gun holstered to my hip is going to make the kids feel safer at school.”



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