Saying Goodbye

Today is a friend’s last day at work. He’s been going to school and woking full-time for years now. Now he will be going back to school full-time to finish off his degree and start working on a career that follows his passion.

There’s a few schools of thought on this for me:

1) I’m happy to see him step up and go for his dreams. He was one of those “typical” 20-somethings that just floated around in a beer keg that turned himself completely around and now is somebody to look up to.

2) It sucks for me because I’m losing someone I talk to everyday. Despite the 15 year difference in ages, he and I can relate on a myriad of topics to get us through the day better than a lot of people I went to school with. He and I understood that we didn’t want to be at work anymore not because we were lazy. We both have better ideas on how we want our lives to go.

3) He serves as an inspiration to me to keep my thing going and strive to build it to the point where it will be self-sustaining and I will be able to have more control over my life.

So, as we close this chapter, I hope to find us “doing lunch” someday, living life under our own terms, and trying to outdo each other’s Brooks Brothers suits!

Congratulations, Tommy and good luck!


One thought on “Saying Goodbye

  1. I think its great that your friend has found something that motivates him and gives him purpose and meaning in life It is always sad to say good bye. But for sure if we try to hang on to some people too tighly we can actually cause the opposite to happen which drives them away anyhow. Least this way you are parting as friends and with it new opportunities can arise.

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