Going Downhill

This image showed up on my Facebook wall this morning and it got me thinking.  For bikes, yes, this is accurate.  However, as a life lesson, it may be askew.


Sure, going uphill is work.  Sometimes A LOT of work.  It sucks peddling the incline, but the sense of achievement once you reach the top is indescribable.  If a dream or goal is big enough to you, the effort to get there will be worth it once it is achieved.  Be it climbing a hill on your bike, that girl in Math Class agreeing to go out with you, or the job you always wanted.  It is ALL worth the work, sweat, nerve and determination to reach that brass ring.

Going downhill, while a rush, also leads you to rock bottom and having to restart your climb (unless, of course, you pick up enough speed to clear the next incline!)  They do say “I’m going downhill fast” as a NEGATIVE metaphor!  However, “It’s all downhill from here” can be used in either direction.

I guess the lesson here is…. maybe you should just look at the photo on Facebook, laugh, like it and move on!


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