Strength in the Face of Death

There are certain things you would like to get better at by repetition. Sports, singing, dancing, etc. Attending calling hours and/or funerals isn’t on that list that anybody wants to do over and over.

Today, arrangements are being made for my Wife’s Grandmother which will make the fourth time in six months that we will be making an appearance at a funeral home. Two for a family member.

This time, it’s hitting close to home. Being on “the team” that helps getting the details made for the first time puts a whole new spin on the experience for me.

From a sociological aspect, human behavior has always fascinated me. To watch people react to this event, it’s surprising how the ones you think will be pillars of strength need the most support and the one who thought you couldn’t count on is the one to carry the family through it.

I would like to pray for each of you that you NEVER have to be this close to a death (and I know I will be much closer in the future). But that would be a fool’s wish for death is inevitable. I pray that when it does hit close to home, you are surrounded by people who will support you in your time of need.


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