Superman Complex

You’ve heard of the “God Complex” where people (stereotypically Doctors) believe they are God to get their jobs done.  This is a slight variation.

The Superman Complex is where you feel that you can be everywhere and protect everyone from everything that could ever possibly hurt them.  Stop bullets, catch helicopters in mid-air.  Nobody would ever hurt again…. EVER!

A death in the family occurs.  It’s a member of your Wife’s family.  You go to console her.  Holding her and being there is enough to help.  There are tears, sure, but at least you can comfort her to some degree.  Then you see your Daughter, sitting on a stool in the middle of a room alone.  Hugging a stuffed animal with all of her might and crying hysterically over the loss.  You try to talk to her, try to calm her down but nothing works.  Nothing.

At that point,  you realize the Earth is made of Kryptonite and you are powerless.

I hate Kryptonite.


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