Chudzinski- Stud or Dud?

Having a Polish name, you would think I would be tickled to write Rob Chudzinski for the next several seasons of Browns Football.  However, the description of his offense scares me, for it sounds like he’s from the old country.

“Chudzinski described his offense as a ‘vertical, downfield passing game and a balanced offense. … We’re going to focus on running and throwing the ball and doing whatever we need to do to win.'”

Isn’t that EVERYBODY’S offensive game plan?  Run and/or throw the ball and doing it well enough to score more points than the other team.  We’re dealing with another Paul Brown, here!  Let’s check out some other bits from the Plain Dealer’s article, which you can read in its entirety HERE

“The Browns will likely bring in at least one other quarterback to compete for the job, whether through the draft, trade or free agency, a source said.”

“The vertical passing game should be welcome news for the big-armed Weeden, who can run such a scheme providing he can improve his accuracy on the deep ball. Chudzinski got the best out of a similar passer in 2007 with Derek Anderson, who made the Pro Bowl that year. Anderson went 10-5, throwing 29 touchdowns and 19 interceptions. He also earned a career-high 82.5 rating. They were all by far his best career numbers.”

“Everywhere Rob has been the quarterback has gotten dramatically better,” said Browns owner Jimmy Haslam. “(He’ll) develop that young talent so that we can put the kind of points on the board that will win games and be fun to watch.”

Okay, let’s check that last one out:

He was the Offenseive Coordinator 4 different seasons in the NFL.  With Cleveland in 2004, 2007 and 2008, and Carolina in 2012.

Jeff Garcia 2004 11 87.5 76.7 Fail
Luke McCown 2004 5 68.5 52.6 Fail
Kelly Holcomb 2004 4 79.2 98.6 Pass
Derek Anderson 2007 16 69.1 82.5 Pass
Charlie Frye 2007 1 69.8 10.0 Fail
Brady Quinn 2007 1 64.4 56.8 Fail
Derek Anderson 2008 10 69.1 66.5 Fail
Ken Dorsey 2008 4 55.2 26.4 Fail
Brady Quinn 2008 3 64.4 66.6 Pass
Bruce Gradkowski 2008 2 65.8 2.8 Fail
Cam Newton 2012 16 85.3 86.2 Pass
Derek Anderson 2012 2 69.1 118.7 Pass

So strictly speaking in terms of QB Rating, only Derek Anderson in 2007 and Cam Newton in 2012 have been better than their career averages.  I am not sure what Haslam was referring to when he said “Dramatically” better.

I know it seems like I am dumping on the decision on Chud as our new coach.  I’m just tired of hearing year after year that every decision is the best think since the forward pass and finding out we have YET another year in the cellar.

Rob Chudzinski, I hope he ends up being a stud for the Browns.  Because if he ends up being a dud, that means another year of crud and Haslam’s name will be mud.  (and I didn’t even need my rhyming dictionary for that one!)


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