Weep Not For Me

I just came across this poem I wrote after attending a funeral. Many of you have already read this, others have not. I just thought some of you would like to read it.


Weep not for me
As you look down upon my grave
For I am looking down on you
So chin up, be brave

My life as you know, it is over
No pages left to write
My life here is in its infancy
I am kept warm by the light

I cannot speak
I can only hear
But you feel me
In the atmosphere

Before you talk
I know what you’re feeling
The hole in your soul
Has sent you realing

Fear not for me
For I am in a better place
Without a care on my mind
And the sun on my face

As you are grieving
Singing a mournful tune
I am saving a seat
By me, just for you.

-Ryan W. Niemiec


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