Persons and People

“A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it..”  – Tommy Lee Jones, “Men in Black”

A person is also caring, thoughtful, polite, understanding.  People, as a whole, are rude, self-centered, egomaniacal, hateful, hurtful, hypocritical and just plan unhappy.  Some people want to be adored by the masses.  That NEVER happens!  For as many people cheering for you to your face, there are 100 bad mouthing you and wishing/plotting your demise.  Look at the President… any of them!  Somehow, they get enough people to vote for them in a two party race to win office and as soon as they take their seat, their approval rating its 30%.

Think of any actor/actress…. Can you name one who doesn’t get bad press and is somehow taken down off of their pedestal?  Athletes- one town may adore them but the rest of the league hopes they twist an ankle and will miss a few games.

Next time you’re expecting some kind of mass kindness from co-workers, family or any group of people, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.  Apathy hurts just as bad a negative responses at times of need.  Some people don’t look away from the mirror long enough to realize that there is an entire world going on around them (and not because they are the center of the universe!)

Focus, instead, on the individuals who have stepped up at those times of need and cherish the relationship you have with them.  A true friend is difficult to find, a treasured asset, and worth fighting over!


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