Facebook Identity Theft (An Open Letter to My Facebook Friends)

Not too long ago, a friend of mine was the victim of identity theft on Facebook.  This person took photos from his existing page, and created a new persona that allowed them to act like my friend up to and including soliciting women for sex.  Needless to say, there was a storm the came out of that.  Fortunately, he was able to prove who was behind the fake profile quickly and things were resolved.

If you sat down and thought about it, you would figure out that it is EASY to fake a profile and mock somebody without anyone knowing for awhile.  I won’t get into how that would be done because I am not going to get accused of handing the loaded gun to the chimp.  But with privacy settings that Facebook has, you could block the “real” person you’re mimicing and they wouldn’t know what you were up to until one of their friends brought it up.

And that’s my point to this blog.  To my Facebook Friends and Family, you know my sense of humor.  You know what I will and won’t post on my wall.  You know what I would say on my wall (language or subject matter).  I don’t do drugs, I drink ever so rarely, I’m the boring friend, remember?  Most importantly, even if my wife and I were on the last leg of our Marriage, there is NO WAY I would solicit anybody for sex!  If any of you would EVER see erratic behavior coming from me on Facebook or any other social media, please get ahold of me personally and find out what’s up before you slander my name all over the internet and threaten to sue.  Don’t engage “me” on Facebook, it may not be me (remember, that’s the point!)  

We may, instead, get to double down on a low life P.O.S. for identity theft and solicitation!  Now THAT sounds like a fun Friday night!


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