“I’d Rather be Honest than Impressive”

If there’s one thing you can notice by watching people and their relationships, it’s the fact that the more someone changes themselves to impress the other person, the bigger the crash and burn is when they breakup.

I’ve been there, you dress a little different, talk a little smarter, change what you eat, what you watch on TV.  Your friends look at you as if you were devoured by a pod.  Sooner or later, the old you, the REAL you, shows up and destroys your house of cards.  I’ve seen it a hundred times.

This philosophy isn’t easy to adhere to.  There was a time (a great amount of time) where I was alone because the women I wanted to date didn’t like the “real” me.  It sucked as it would for anybody looking for companionship.  However, what I found at the end of the tunnel was that when a woman DID come around, it was because she liked me for being me.  Not for my rendition of Brad Pitt or Channing Tatum or whoever the girls are swooning over these days.

I’ve been with the same wonderful woman for 11 years now, married for almost one.  I don’t always know what she’s thinking (as no man has figured out THAT Rubix Cube with any woman!), but what I do know is that she is by my side because she loves ME.  Everything else can be worked out.

Be honest in your presentation of yourself.  Someone, sooner or later, WILL be impressed!


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