Obama has announced that he wants a ban on Assault Weapons and full background check before purchasing a gun anywhere. And the first thing we hear in the social media is “That bastard is taking our guns!” and “None of those changes would have prevented Newtown.”

First, how is eliminating Assault Weapons, only one type of weapon, infringing on our rights? When it was written, our forefathers were dealing with MUSKETS! To fire off six bullets in a second at the time of writing, you would have needed six guys with preloaded rifles. So don’t tell me that any right is taken away, we’ve been pushing the envelope.

Secondly, Newtown, Aurora, Chardon, Colombine, 9/11, they all happen whether this ban happens or not. Reagan wanted a similar bill passed. If HE had gotten it, all of those events still happen. It’s human nature. Not everybody understands why, but it just happens.

Violence happens. Period. You can’t explain it, justify it or reason with it.

“Sometimes people just want to watch the world burn.”- Michael Caine “The Dark Knight”

If your goal is to only support and/or pass gun laws that will prevent further shootings, you will NEVER get one passed. The goal here is to reduce the risk of it happening.


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