First, a word from Mr. Jackson.



This one is not about guns, although that IS the specific point of that video.  This is about blame and the misguided places it lands.

It has been said that life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to it.  There is more truth to that than your usual Facebook meme.  From your childhood when “She made me do it” all the way through blaming everybody else for your misfortune rather than getting up and trying again.

It’s not anybody’s fault you get angry.  YOU allowed yourself to be manipulated into that condition.  Although it may not be your fault that your company downsized and you lost your job, it is YOUR responsibility to get back up and find another job to support your family and.  It’s nobody’s fault but yours that you didn’t finish school, didn’t finish High School, didn’t ask that cute co-ed out you see at Starbucks everyday.

In an escalated role, a woman who gets raped cannot take the blame for it because of the way she dressed.  A gun can take as much blame for the Newtown shootings as Ryder Moving Trucks can for the Oklahoma City bombings or United Airlines for the 9/11 attacks.  There are individuals who pulled the trigger, set the bomb in the truck and flew those planes.

90% of your life is how you react to it.  Successful people react to situations with the mindset that they are in control of their destiny and their lives.  The rest waits for misfortune and then deflects their insecurities on to the world so that, instead of making changes to themselves for improvement, they can roll over and play “woah is me”.

Quit being the victim and take responsibility for your own life.  Everybody’s got a cross to bear, quit trying to pass it off onto others who have their own!


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