Cheating. Why?

I’m not talking about “the relationship is over and I’ve found someone else” cheating. This is the “I’ve got someone one the side while my significant other is none the wiser” cheating.

From my perspective, you’ve built your life around one person. Your love, your trust, your home, your job, your friends, your children, your hobbies. Everything in your life has been built on the foundation of your relationship.

So why in the hell would you engage in an activity that would threaten to rock your life to its very foundation? And for what? Sex? Really? If your life is that dissatisfying, why not subscribe to the “my relationship is over and let’s move on” mentality rather than continuing down a road that WILL NOT end well for anybody?

Your spouse/partner will find out. Your friends and family will lose respect for you. Your lover will boil your bunny rabbit!!! (We’ve all seen “Fatal Attraction, right?)

There is no version of this where you come out on top! (Stay out of the bedroom, you know what I mean!)

Communication (or lack thereof) is key for the health of any relationship. Not happy with your sex life? Talk with your partner. Perhaps they’re not satisfied, either. At least you’ve given it a shot before throwing it all away.

And for those who think I’m condoning the “end of the relationship” cheating, think again.

If you feel it’s over, shut one door before you open another. You at least owe that respect to the person who was standing by you. Otherwise, your life will come crashing down around you like a giant game of Jenga.

“One day you’ll be sorry, one day when you’re free.
Memories will remind you, that our love was meant to be.
But late at night when you call my name, the only sound you’ll hear,
is the sound of your voice calling, calling after me.”
– Genesis, “Throwing it all Away”


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