If there is a line that I have used as basis of my life, it is the old Mark Twain quote:

During my several decades in this life, I have encountered several people who probably haven’t even heard of Mark Twain, let alone his quote.  Lying to give yourself figurative leverage is not leverage for very long.  It has been enough of a streak that has made me sit and think about some things.
The way my parents raised me, I do not understand the underhanded mentality.  Well, I understand the mentality, I just don’t see the benefit from it.  If there is a competition, I would like to take you on, face to face, “mono e mono”, let the best person win.  But when that other person trips you, or has somebody else slant the table, does that REALLY make you the better person?  I find that winning takes a backseat to the knowledge of finding out where you actually stand.  Unfortunately, winning is the only thing to some of my peers.  The table is always slanted, everybody loses.  I don’t like those people, and I surely do not want those people on my team.
One thing I DO know is that I cannot control anybody but myself.  All I can do, is keep my mouth shut during the initial reaction period and move on.  Like Charles R. Swindoll said “Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to it.”  So how am I going to react to it?  Keep doing what I am doing, what I can with what talent God gave me and pray the table slanters keep their distance (or, at least, overcome their tactics).  What else CAN you do?
Stay true to yourselves, you’re the one who has to look in the mirror!

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