Gun Control- Quit Being Colorblind!

Facebook strikes again.  Woke up to this little nugget of wisdom:












It’s this kind of colorblind/Black & White thinking that gets us in these messes!

I’ve said many times in my blogs how eliminating all guns makes as much sense as giving everybody a gun.  There is NO absolute solution to this problem!

Bank robbers used to come in with a gun.  Banks hired security.  Robbers began using more members for the heists with more weapons.  It’s called escalation!  Government buildings and bases have people driving car bombs into them.  How many guns were used in 9/11?  What are we supposed to do?  Ban cars and planes, too?

We need to start changing some ideals when it comes to gun rights and/or control:

  • NOTHING would have prevented Newtown from happening.  NOTHING!  Say it with me “Noth-ing-would-have-pre-vent-ed-New-town”… very good.  Having said that, an armed individual inside that school would have LIMITED the carnage that took place.  It would also lead to the escalation I mentioned earlier.  Next time, it’s  a couple of armed sickos attacking the school.  The next thing you know, parents have to go through checkpoints to approach the school just to pick up their children.
  • The word “Prevent”.  You cannot prevent evil.  Period!  The job of gun control is to reduce the ability of such tragic events from happening.
  • How many schools are in America?  100,000, and I’m rounding that number down.  How many school days per year?  It’s an average of 180.  So combined, there are 18,000,000 “opportunities” where there is a building occupied for attacks.  You know how many attacks there were this past year in schools?  5.  That’s a 0.00002% chance of being in a school that is attacked.  That percentage is close to that of winning the lottery.  Extreme luck, different side of the spectrum.
  • Owning a gun DOES NOT make you Superman!  Whipping it out in the face of an attacker does not equal the situation being defused.  Odds are, they’ll see you GO for the gun and shoot you before you get the chance to even the playing field.
  • With the staggering increase of mental disorders that Americans are suffering (dementia, ADD, ADHD, etc.) and the medications that they are on as a result, there needs to be STRICTER rules about who can own.  If Adam Lanza had the issues he did, Nancy (his mother) should NOT have been able to keep a gun, let alone her arsenal, in her home!  Sorry, if that one pisses you off, but if you have someone living with you that has a history of mental issues (violent or otherwise) you shouldn’t be able to possess, if for no other reason, due to the Lanza story.

So as you argue your sides about what the new gun control laws should and shouldn’t state, remember, NOTHING can prevent evil.  The job of the laws is to LIMIT or REDUCE, not PREVENT!  Tighter restrictions must be made as to who qualifies to have a gun.  (and is it REALLY necessary to have 20 guns in your possession?).

It’s time to quit being colorblind, America.  Gun Control is NOT a black & white issue!



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