Adoption is NOT a handicap!

One thing that has gotten under my skin over my 40+ years on this Earth is when people treat the announcement of their adoption being handled like they had cancer.  Look no further for an example than the original “90210” when one of the characters announced his being adopted several times to the other cast members and their reaction looked like he should be on his deathbed.


So you don’t know who your real parents are… outside of medical history, who cares?  There was a reason they gave you up.  It may be for selfless or selfish reasons.  Either way, does your life improve gaining that knowledge?
I was adopted 10 days after birth.  People constantly ask me if I want to know who my real parents are.  Why?  They didn’t change my diapers, feed me, give me a place to sleep, provide my education, sit up waiting for me when I broke curfew, nurse me back to health when I was sick, or even give me so much as a single memory.  So I ask, what possible benefit is there to finding out who these people were?
But now I hear others saying that the lack of that knowledge has held them back in some way.  That adoption is an anchor to their lives.  I fail to understand that.  I almost consider it an insult to the people who DID raise you all those years.  THEY wanted you.  THEY took care of you.  I’m not saying that giving children up for adoption is bad.  Far from it.  It beats the hell out of abortion (which is another blog in it’s own right).  But they gave you up.  They gave up all rights.  The people who took over, are your parents, for better or worse.
I’ve done a little research and found some other people who have overcome their “disability” and made something of themselves (no matter your opinion of them):
Athletes like Babe Ruth, Eric Dickerson, Greg Louganis, Jim Palmer, and Scott Hamilton.
Entertainers such as Bo Diddley (blues guitarist), Debbie Harry (lead singer of Blondie), D.M.C. (rapper), Edgar Allan Poe, Faith Hill (country singer), Jamie Foxx (star of “Ray”), John Lennon, Lee Majors (the “Six Million Dollar Man”), Marilyn Monroe, Melissa Gilbert (of “Little House on the Prairie” fame), Nat King Cole, Priscilla Presley, Ray Liotta (“Goodfellas”), Richard Burton, Sarah McLachlan, and Tim McGraw.
Entrepreneurs like Dave Thomas of Wendy’s and Steve Jobs of Apple.  Philosophers like Aristotle.  Inventors like George Washington Carver.  Social leaders like Jesse Jackson, Malcom X and Nelson Mandela.  Politicians like John Hancock, Nancy Reagan, and Presidents Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton.
Even the bible contains two, count them TWO adopted figures; Moses and Jesus, himself.
There are a list of things that one could consider a handicap.  Adoption, however, is an insult to the truly handicapped to consider as one of them.  Adoption is just the spice that was on your recipe card.

3 thoughts on “Adoption is NOT a handicap!

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