Father of the Year? Really?

I’m tired of being considered a hero or an extraordinary just because I have actually played Dad to my children.  I don’t understand where feeding them, changing their diapers or (god forbid) spending time with them warrants any praise.

Have we, as a nation, given up on criticizing the slackers and just praising those who are just doing their “job”?

Has the Father role model decayed to the point where just being in the house is considered good enough?

When my Wife wants to head out for a “girls night”, I am NOT “babysitting”.  I am their Father, I’ve GOT the kids that night.

What the hell is wrong with all these other sperm donors that they can’t step up and do their part of raising these kids?  Your job didn’t end at the end of that drunken night, jackhole!  I realize that you weren’t planning on having a child out of this romp in the sack, but you did.  It’s YOUR responsibility.  Own up to it!

Take time to be a Dad today.  You know I’m going to!


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