I’m Batman


Batman has always been my favorite superhero. Despite, being raised on the Adam West show, I have always been drawn to the fact that it was just a regular guy, striking revenge on the criminal world to avenge the death of his patents. He could be any of us (provide we inherited a ton of money and ran off to Asia to train for 8 years!)

When my sister and I went outside to play Batman, she played Robin, which was very convenient since that’s her name! (See, my parents even knew to name her that… Because they knew who I am! Lol)

197711010000- Robyn Spigelmire, Ryan Niemiec

I had Batman birthday cakes, Halloween costumes, action figures, playsets, puzzles, I renamed my Green Machine (a cooler version of the old Big Wheels) the Bat-mobile, our basement was the Bat-cave, and all the comics, coloring books, graphic novels, and books over the years.

When Michael Keaton’s Batman came out, I was there opening night. (In fact, I’ve seen all the Batman movies in the theatre). I even just got done checking up on the Dark Knight’s appearance on the Superman movie coming up this year, the Justice League movie (2015) and his own reboot movie (slated for 2017- TOO FAR)

Now that I have kids (yes, they love superheroes, too!), they are getting an earful of conversations ending “Do you know why?”
“Why Daddy?”


In fact, on my oldest’s birthday last year, she informed me that I was no longer magical (making a coin disappear by hiding it under my leg was no longer mesmerizing to her). Needless to say, I was hurt by the passing of that time of her life and coming to grips with she won’t stay lite forever. So I asked, as a last ditch effort to keep my little girl, “But I’m still Batman, right?”
And she responded immediately “Well, yeah! Duh!” That’s all the vindication I need!

I think we can wrap this up with the following pic I found on the Internet:

1242_10151325801148928_477192902_n copy

Of course, there is one person that trumps Batman….


But that’s another story…




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