Politics- Time for the Party to End

Once again, Facebook sparks the soapbox to come out!

Are we as a nation THAT polarized that we think THIS is the best response to Obama’s reelection?  Remember, I labeled BOTH candidates as Batman villains!



Both Liberals and Conservatives, left and right, Republicans and Democrats are destroying this country!  Only when we, AS A NATION, can stop drawing lines and allowing a select few to run the show in this country will the American Dream revitalize itself and rise like the Phoenix out of the ashes.

Until then, thank you for destroying the country during my life and forever burying it for my children.

All for the sake of YOUR pocketbooks.


In the meantime, don’t desecrate the one symbol of hope this country has left of reclaiming itself for your own, childish, dim-witted, ideals!


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