Five Key Steps to a Successful Relationship with your Daughter

  • Always be involved in her life.

As I stated in a previous blog. I am getting high praise for spending time with my girls when I think it’s the least I can do for them! “Take time to be a Father” Is that really too much to ask?

  • Respect and honor her Mother.

Again, an old-fashioned rule that is lost today. My Wife and I do our best to keep our personal issues personal and away from the kids. They don’t need to hear it, about it, or have either of us badmouth each other to the kids.

  • Treasure every moment with her.

This one doesn’t set in until its too late for most. Oh yeah, it SUCKS being woken up a 2am by the sound of your child crying but one day they aren’t going to need you at all and what you wouldn’t give to have one more night of it. For those who’ve been there, you know. For those who aren’t parents yet or going through it now, you think I’m NUTS!

  • Pray for her every day.

I’m not trying to start a holy war with this statement. But you and I both know you’ve asked a being of a higher power to look over your child. It’s all we’re allowed to do since encasing them in bubble wrap is frowned upon in this society.

  • Be her hero!

I always looked up to my parents. I doubt that will ever change and I hope my kids will always look up to my Wife and I. Neither of us are stay at home parents (not our dream, I can tell you that) and we do what we can to give them the experiences they could ever dream of. (And if they keep going along with my being “Batman”, that would be cool, too!)


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