Pixoto- A Must for Photographers of Every Level!

I wouldn’t call myself a “Professional” Photographer.  I do well enough to have a few people pay me for the service.  (Which, technically, is the definition)

I have found a website called “Pixoto” that allows you to post your photos and have other professionals rate them in “Duals” (your photo against another in a similar category).  Every time you vote, you get a credit.  You use the credits to post and give “boosts” (more duals) to the images you feel deserve more of a shot.  As a brass ring for you to reach for, they have Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly awards that may be had as Best, Top 5, Top 10, Top 5%, Top 10% and Top 20%.

You don’t even need a high end camera to “compete” on this site.  A photo I took of my Daughter with my phone just won a yearly award for the “mobile” category!

If you’re a pro, this is a great way to be noticed.  They even have a marketplace option that you can sell your images through them.  If you’re not a pro, it’s fun to see where your stuff rates against “the masters”.  For everybody, it’s a wonderful place to get inspired for your next shoot!


It’s free, it’s fun, it’s valuable!


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