THIS JUST IN— There ARE Other People in the Universe!

I am noticing a HUGE trend of people marching around on this little marble with the perceived attitude that they are the ONLY people on (or at least matter) on the Earth!

I don’t know if they are oblivious, arrogant, have a heightened sense of self-worth or self-entitlement, or perhaps they are just old-fashioned assholes.  I honestly don’t have time to sort it out.  All I know is when I go out anymore, there are people acting as if the rest of us must bend to their will like Neo bending the spoon in The Matrix.

Just like in that movie, there is no spoon.  It’s all an illusion that WE are here to serve YOU!  I know it’s been 12 years already, but I remember being proud of this country when, on 9/11, I saw New Yorkers, NEW FREAKIN’ YORKERS, ban together and work to find any survivors in the rubble.  I saw people, who 24 hours previous were extending a middle finger to each other, extending hands to help and work together.  THAT, is what I believe America was founded on, and what makes it great.

But there are no planes crashing into buildings today.  No significant tragedy that cripples a major city.  So, a good percentage of our population returns to concerning themselves with themselves.

Do me a favor today, in honor of being decent, take time to let someone in front of you in traffic instead of forcing them to sit and wait while you get those extra 5 seconds closer to your destination.  Hold a door open for someone behind you or even coming the opposite way.  I’m not saying be a hero and find every damsel in distress and save her, but just one little display of kindness will be infectious and the next thing you’ll notice is a less harsh atmosphere for everyone to deal with.



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