Superman Vs. Batman – What This Decision Says About You!




Only the “Ginger or Mary Ann” question has been more popular among pop culture enthusiasts than this one:

Superman-Batman-superman-8721636-900-1366  Superman or Batman?

What does your decision say about you?  Are you surprised it WOULD say anything about you?  As a kid, I spent time split between the two.  Mostly “being” Superman (come on!  What kid DOESN’T want to fly?) and as I have gotten older, while I still appreciate Superman, Batman has become my fictional hero of choice.

The choosing of the Man of Steel would provide an insight that you enjoy instant gratification.  As Superman arrived on Earth, he RECEIVED his powers and was instantly able to use them.  As a kid, playing with the neighbors as the “Superfriends”, I was Superman.  He had the most power and could keep the others in line when they didn’t follow the rules (that was usually my Sister, the recipient of more than on heat vision or freeze breath attack!)  Most likely, you would just like to win the lottery and kick back the rest of your life, being able to deal with any obstacle that comes your way (financially speaking, of course).  Superman doesn’t spend a lot of time preparing for a villain.  He finds a phone booth, changes and UP, UP AND AWAY!  He is the Nike Superhero “Just Do It”.

The Dark Knight, on the other hand, displays the mindset that one sees the pride in working for something and reaping the rewards of that hard work.  He is human.  He has limitations.  Bruce Wayne left all of his fortune behind (which he could have set back and watched the world burn comfortably from Wayne Manor without a care in the world) as he traveled the globe, mastering a number of fighting techniques (not to mention studying chemistry, criminology,  and technology) so that when he returned, he was able to reap the rewards of his hard work by keeping his promise to his deceased parents and defending Gotham City from the crime factions that were running it (not to mention the super villains that followed!)  As a villain appears in Gotham, Bruce must decipher what it is they are try to accomplish so that he knows what actions, and utilities to put in his belt that will give him the best chance of defeating them.  Batman followers have a higher sense of pride from doing something themselves rather than it being handed to them.  It could be as small as putting together that new entertainment center you bought.  Don’t you have a greater sense of pride than having Lowe’s come over and install it for you?  Me, too!

Going back to my financial analogy, Superman is like winning the lottery and being able to spend however you want.  Except Kryptonite and losing one of his human friends/family, Superman is just straight up power with little to no limitations.

Batman is like working within a budget.  (Ironic that Batman is the Billionaire and Superman works for a living!)  Even though he has protect those who are closest to him, Bruce has to be mindful of weaponry being used by the villains because it CAN kill him.  He has to be smarter about how he does things (much like we have to be with our money these days!) and not just swoop in and save the day blindly.

Just like Ginger vs. Mary Ann, there are no winners or losers to the answer.  They are just another distraction from reality that we all need that happen to allow us to peek into your character!



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