137 Shots

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the Cleveland car chase that ended with 12 Cleveland cops fired 137 rounds into a car that led them on a 23 mile chase from downtown to East Cleveland.  The NAACP, ACLU, and any other group that thinks they can get involved is weighing in on this story.

Did the cops overreact?  Some say 30 seconds isn’t a long time.  As someone who has written 30 second commercials, it’s an eternity!  I’ve never been in a stressful situation like a police chase after allegedly being shot at so I CANNOT say how I would react.  For that matter, neither can you unless you’ve been an officer of the law!  The suspect/victim (depending on your view) rammed a police cruiser almost taking out an officer prior to the shots being fired.

How many times have you watched a movie where there was a standoff and the slightest noise sets off a barrage of bullets flying around?  I think the possibility of those officers unloading their clips is quite plausible in this situation.

IF everything that is report actually happened, there were shots fired at the police from this car (despite there being no weapon or residue found), they went on the chase, were rammed by that vehicle and took matters in their own hands.

In the words of Mike Trivisonno (Weekday Afternoons 3-7 WTAM 1100AM)  “If you shoot at the cops, all bets are off.”

However, if there were NO shots fired at the cops, is the chase and the ramming enough to warrant the shooting?  I don’t know that answer.  I don’t think there is a rulebook on such a thing!  There are cops being shot dead for routine traffic stops these days and you are going to question why these people are on the edge?

The point I am making here is I wasn’t there, I don’t know all the details.  Neither do you!  You’re going off of what others are telling you.  Some of those facts may be FABRICATED!!!  The true facts we know are there was a car chase, and 137 shots into that car ending it.  A tragic ending to a meaningless act.

The bottom line and the lesson that should be learned is, if the cops are following you, pull over.  It’s going to be a lot easier on everybody!


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