Why Do I Bother Helping People?

Once again, human behavior rears its ugly head to remind me that people are not worth the time and effort to help. Don’t get me wrong, there are INDIVIDUALS who I would help in a heartbeat and fight for until my last breath. But as a general whole, people are all for give and take. They take your hand when they need help and give you a swift kick to the face once they have what they wanted out of you. In movie form, it looks a lot like this:

In my personal setting, the odds are pretty good that when I help someone, that individual already has, or will be willing to, help me should that time ever come (and it will people!). To those who fall under this category, I thank you for being decent individuals!

Employment, on the other hand, I have found when I help someone, odds are VERY good that person will not only NOT help me out of the water, but hold my head under until I quit fighting.


I’ve helped people get jobs, advance in their jobs, trained them, helped correct mistakes, help minimize damage and/or punishment that was deserved from said mistake. And all for what? A kick to the teeth once they’ve perceived themselves above me. Those people have cost me my job, thrown me under the bus and just made life Hell in the environment for me until they found a new victim.


I have to remind you, nobody is above me. Nobody is below me, either. That’s my mantra. I have talent in certain fields. You have talent in certain fields. At the end of day, all of Mankind is created EQUAL!

Unless you are a manager, supervisor or some kind of “higher up” in a work setting, you better come to grips quickly that we are, at the end of the tally board, EQUAL! And when you kick me, or anybody else in the teeth, you better suit up because the opportunity to repay WILL present itself!

And I have a long memory!


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