Quit Trying to Watch the Clock!!!

There’s been quite a lot of death in the last six months surrounding me.  A friend’s Brother, another friend’s Mother, my Wife’s Grandmother, my Cousin’s Mother-In-Law, and two co-workers.  Six deaths in 79 days.  In a worldwide perspective, that’s not anything to even talk about.  However, when it is your personal microcosm of the universe, it’s worrisome.

Worrisome to the point that you begin wondering when is your time up.  When is the reaper going to darken your doorstep?  Will you live to see 100?  Maybe 50?  What about 30?  Will it be a car crash?  A gun shot?  Hit by a bus?  Blood Clot to the heart, lung or brain?  Fall into an open manhole?  Be a victim of a terrorist attack?  Will it even be quick?  Could my end come as the result of cancer?  AIDS?  Perhaps one of these so-called “Super-viruses” that we hear about every winter?  Or, your heart just stops.


This kind of obsessive-compulsive thinking will prevent you from enjoying the gift you were given…life.  To worry about WHEN it will end rather than HOW it was lived is a complete waste of your time and energy.


Take time today for you.  Even if it is just five minutes.  Hug your family a little tighter, laugh a little louder, try something you didn’t think you had the talent, time or guts to do.  Not every moment has to be memorable, but it has to be lived.


Stop watching for the clock.  You can’t see it.  And even if you could, you don’t know what time you’re supposed to clock out!


One thought on “Quit Trying to Watch the Clock!!!

  1. hello,

    great post ! Peace of mind is a challenge. I think like happiness, peace of mind is not something that is stagnant, but rollercoaster-like

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