Check this out!

That’s right, a meteorite has hit Russia while we slept early Friday morning, February 15!  It’s still breaking news as I am writing this, but Reuters is reporting that 400 people were injured in Chelyabinsk (950 miles east of Moscow).  Mostly at the result of flying class from the explosion.

Want to know what it sounded like when it hit?  (WARNING!  Turn down your sound!)

When I woke to this story, the first thing I thought of was this:

Fortunately, our Government is assuring us that THIS will not happen.

The U.S. space agency NASA has said an asteroid known as 2012 DA14, about 46 meters in diameter, would have an encounter with Earth closer than any asteroid since scientists began routinely monitoring them about 15 years ago.

Television, weather and communications satellites fly about 500 miles higher. The moon is 14 times farther away.

Say that again, the asteroid is flying BETWEEN Earth and our satellites!  Holy close shaves, Batman!

I’m glad that nobody has died (That we know of) from this.  A hit in Moscow would have been devastating.  But I also have to question whether or not there would be another meteorite hit as this asteroid passes by.  It could be a tense 12 hours for those who are thinking about that very thing!

You can watch live NASA footage of the event starting at 9am HERE


Oh yeah, it’s (ironically) “Good Day to Die Hard” day.



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