From the Other Side

At first, I went through the range of emotions, too. Fear, anger, sorrow. But soon, I felt comfort. As if all pain, sorrow and anger was just washed away. I basked in a light that was only possible from one source.

At that point, I knew I was going home.

To my family and friends that I had to leave behind, I, too, am sorry we didn’t get to say goodbye. My time spent with you was as special to me as it was to you, and for some, more so. Memories are just as cherished up here as they are with you.

As you spend this brief moment in time remembering, honoring and mourning my passing, which will seem like an eternity, remember that I am with our Father, awaiting the day we are all reunited.

And the only feeling I have now greater than HIS love for me, is yours.


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