Mindy McCready

So did you have fun watching the freak show….again?

Did you enjoy watching someone who shared their talent fall apart in front of your eyes?  Making jokes about them?  Putting them on the front cover of the tabloids to push your worthless version of journalism?

Those closest to her said they saw it coming.  Why didn’t any trained professionals?  How come so many “alums” from Celebrity Rehab are dead now?  Dr. Drew is proving to be a worthless hack (as are most of the television “doctors” you see today.)

Anna Nichole Smith, Mindy McCready, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, who’s next in your supermarket rag hit list?  Lindsey Lohan?  Paris Hilton?  Will you pull a 180 by mocking them and yelling “LOOK AT THE FREAK!” one day and “Oh, they were such a talent” post-mortem?

You are all a bunch of hypocrites.


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