Source of Strength and/or Power

I spent ALL ten hours at my day job in a funk.  I was only able to get a couple hours of sleep, I am fighting off a sinus attack and the rest of my life is keeping me hopping this week.

All I wanted to do was grab a few Z’s








What amazes me is no matter how little sleep I get, or how bad I feel, that certain things can revitalize you just by appearing.








If you’ve watched WWE over the past 20 years, you’ll understand this image.

For those who don’t, the man kneeling is called “The Undertaker”  when he arrived, no matter how bad of a beating he received, the man on the Paul Bearer (on the left) would hold up his urn and the Undertaker would “magically” sit up and be good as new.  (Side note:  Yes, I know wrestling is a violent soap opera, okay?  But you haven’t called me on my Batman analogies, either!)

I had a meeting with a client (for my business, not the day job) after work yesterday.  In that short hour meeting, I was ready to sit down and write, prepare and plan three new ideas for them.  Any sign of fatigue was gone.  It was amazing how a change of scenery can help a person!

I’ve had this same feeling when we film episodes of Mid Ohio Rock Show, a YouTube channel I produce.  We bring bands into our studio, interview them, and let them do their thing.  I am not sure if it is the creativity that is empowering or what but after being up at 4am, being to work by 6, working until 4:30, eating and then filming the show until 9 or so, you’d think I would be CRAWLING back into bed.  Nope, I have been know to get home after that and upload the footage into the computer, just to watch it again.  AND make it to work the next morning with a renewed sense of energy.  My buddy, Frank Medley, tells me it’s due to “The Power of Music, my brother!”

I can’t explain it.  For lack of a better word, creativity is my drug.  I love taking photos, creating graphic designs, producing videos and writing (why else would I blog?) that people enjoy partaking in.  It’s even more exciting that people are hiring me to do those EXACT things!  It’s what drives me.  It’s what I’m striving to do full-time, and I hope to achieve that goal someday.











Now if you’ll excuse me, the day job is calling.



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