A Thank You to Those Who Are Reading These!

Yesterday, this blog crossed the 1,000 view mark.  I’ve only been seriously working at it for just under two months and I appreciate the responses I’ve been getting.  Like I said when I started this daily thing, I don’t know what I’m going to say.  Some posts take hours for me to construct, others I write in five minutes and are three times longer than those that took hours.

The only thing I can tell you is that what you are reading is basically what I’m thinking at that moment.  At times, it seems like I’m formulating a book.  Others, it seems like you’re peeking into a private journal.  All I know is that the people reading my mindless, 4am rants are increasing and for that, I thank you all for making me want to write better, one blog at a time.

I may start more than one blog per day.  There is another blog that has a series within his called “Sticky Notes” where he jumps in with a one-liner or a thought and is done.  I may call them “Drive-Bys”.  There’s a lot that I’m debating about this blog.  What to do with it, how much time or money to dump into it.  There are other projects outside this string of posts that will need my attention.

Rest asure, my pledge to post everyday in 2013 is fully intact and at 53 days and counting!

I’m off to start this day.  Drive-by later?  Who knows?


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