My History with the Bissmans and their Building

Like I stated in my previous post, I’ve been along for the ride from the beginning when it comes to the Bissman Building being haunted.  At least, as far as anybody acknowledges!  I wanted to send a thank you to the Bissmans for allowing me to film inside the building so my girls and I shot two videos featuring “Ruthie”, a 12 year old who is said to haunt the building.  Here are those videos:

I even made a promotional poster for them (that to this day hangs inside the Pirate Printing part of the first floor)


Three months later, those videos ended up in front of the Producers of the A&E Channel’s “My Ghost Story” show.  Initially, they wanted to use those videos in the show.  The day before they were going to film at the building, I received a call that they no longer wanted to use the videos but asked if the girls could BE Ruthie FOR the show.  Needless to say, we jumped on that one!

201101301519 (1)- Bissman Building, A&E My Ghost Story Shoot- MacKenzie Niemiec

Most stories would end there.  Watch the third window:

When I showed that to people, they asked if it was real, I said “I shot that yesterday and I saw it this morning”.  Then they asked “Did you see it when it happened?”  I said if I saw that in person, all you would see is the camera picking up and running off because I would be gone!  Truth is, I did shoot it “yesterday”  It was staged, which I created it that “morning” so my statement was truthful.  (As was the part of me running off if I actually had seen that display!)

While I was screwing around with “Ghost in the Window”, my original Ruthie videos made it in front of the Mansfield Convention and Visitors Bureau. They were looking for someone to produce a video for their Haunted Mansfield sites and wanted to see what I could do.  So, I hopped back into the Bissman (armed with the audio from the “My Ghost Story” show) and produced this:

They enjoyed the video enough that they hired me to pull off the following feature:

That video ended up winning 2nd place at the RUBY Awards (a State-wide ceremony for tourism put on by The Ohio Travel Association) and winning the MIDDY Award (State-wide ceremony for CVBs) for Best Promotional Video.

The point of this blog is that I owe a HUGE “thank you” to Ben and Amber Bissman who have allowed me to get my foot in the door and give me a HUGE opportunity to kickstart my video production business.  Without them, I would still be filming school plays!

201101300041 (7)- Bissman Buiding, A&E My Ghost Story Shoot- Jordan Niemiec, Amber Bissman, Ben Bissman, MacKenzie Niemiec

As it stands now, the Bissmans have called upon me again to pull off another promotional video.  I can’t wait to see what rabbit I pull out of the hat this time!


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