The Sequester is Here…


The empty-headed PEZ Dispensers have done it again!


The whole two party system has, ONCE AGAIN, failed me, you and everybody else in this country by putting “Party Pride” in front of their jobs!

“I don’t like Obama.  Screw him!  I ain’t gonna work with that A-hole!”  (Yes, I heard a redneck saying that, too!)

HEY, CONGRESS!  MR. PRESIDENT!  IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!!!  WE hired you to do a job and you’re FAILING!!!


I hate to sound like a broken record, but here is a few things that may shake the cage and get these pampered jackholes’ attention:

  1. Death to the parties!  Time to put government back into the hands of people we vote on, not a bunch of puppets with hands up their asses!
  2. Everytime there is a “sequester” or a “fiscal cliff” or even if the budget is in the red, EVERY member in the White House, House and Senate is INELIGIBLE to run for office again.  We’ve seen in the past 24 years that problems that start in the first terms, continue and worsen throughout their careers.
  3. No salaries for any elected Official while the budget is in the red.  You were elected by us, that’s an honor.  DO YOUR JOB and nobody gets broke!
  4. Speaking of salaries, tie what each Official makes to the salaries of those they are representing.  The President and Vice President are tied to the National average.  Senators and Governors to their states.  Congressmen to their regions.  Mayors to their Cities.  Don’t you think they would be more interested in keeping jobs in their areas if they knew THEIR pay depended on it?
  5. Congressional pensions move to Social Security and any other special benefit moves so that THEY are in the same pools we are.

Again, WE chose YOU to lead this Country.  That’s the honor you get.  You’re supposed to do your job, and return to the public sector.  Not build yourselves an Ivory Tower and look down upon us for the duration of your lives.


I know I am just one guy screaming into the night here.  But if we, as a UNITED NATION, can come together, we can right this ship before it’s too late!  (and now, it is not too late!)


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