If One is, We ALL Are?

For the past 12 years now, all I have heard is the basic mentality that ALL Muslims are bad.  They flew the planes into the Twin Towers, The Pentagon, Pennsylvania.  ALL of them are EVIL!

This post stems from this video post:

How do we know they are Muslim?  Their language?  Their attire?  How do we know this isn’t their version of vandalism by a gang?  How many times have you seen THOSE videos on YouTube from New York, Los Angeles or Detroit?  Does anyone ever question what the religious backgrounds are of those spray painting “pussy” across a courthouse wall?  No.

When graves in this country are desecrated, do we question what religious background would do this?

Other side of the coin…

Think about YOUR religious faith.  You think of yourself as a good person.  Are ALL people that share your faith good people?  All the Christians?  All the Jewish?  All the Catholics?  Baptists?  Protestants?  Atheists?

No, I didn’t think so.

Then quit crucifying an ENTIRE religious belief because of the actions of a small percentage!


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