2020: Chapter Two

So much for sleep again. I don’t know what’s doing a better job of keeping me awake; this mattress or the pocket of sulfur someone unearthed. Just another perk of the job, I guess.

There are two things I’ve learned in my short career as a digger; 1) don’t trust anybody and 2) the Landowners are well protected. One of the rookies learned that tonight.

He found himself a full bag of aluminum cans, and old iPhone from 20 years ago, and ran for the landowners perch. Running was NOT an option, if another digger can grab your find before you can get to the perch, finders keepers.

This time he made it, talking smack all the way. He’ll learn not to do that.

When he reached the perch, he offered his findings, apparently didn’t like the offer he received and pulled out one final offering, a loaded pistol. The poor schmuck had barely enough time to point it before one of the Landowner’s guards shot him in the shoulder, sending him falling back into the fill.

Remember when I said he would learn about talking smack? When he landed, he was met by the welcome wagon of those he spit at on his way up to the perch.

I don’t know what happened after that. I was too busy retrieving the gun he had dropped and turning it into the Landowner (holding it by the barrel to avoid a similar fate) and collecting a decent fee for it.

Maybe this will be enough to let my Wife and kids grab a decent meal for our 8th Anniversary (my Wife’s fourth without me). Ah, the things we do for love!


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