2020: Chapter Three

All of my senses are alive.  It’s Christmas morning.  My Mother has just finished cooking up the bacon.  I know she made pancakes, too.  They’re my favorite and it was a guarantee we were having them this morning.  The tree lit the room, as it was still only 6 something in the morning.  I was too busy admiring my presents to really care what time it was or how little sleep I got the night before.  I can feel my warm pajamas against me.  Giving me not only the sense of warmth, but that of comfort, security and love as well.

I had it.  The Superman action figure that would swoop in and help Batman and Robin against the Joker.  Santa knew about it, he delivered and now I am ready to save the world with him!  I ran back to my bedroom (with Superman in flight) to get Batman so that they could meet.


Once I put them together, the feelings and senses started changing.  Almost morphing.  I feel older, my sense of security has melted.  As age settles into my body, comfort slowly diminishes, the sense of warmth and love are still there as I look back up to see those action figures are now my Daughters.  They are ready for Trick-or-Treat in their Supergirl and Batgirl costumes.

I must have jumped 30 years into the future.  My Wife walks in and asks if I am ready to go.  I nod and look down to get up.  When I do, I realize I am sitting in a room of trash.  I look back up and find those old Superman and Batman figures, aged, beaten, broken and nearly unrecognizable except for the logos on their chests.  I look around again and regain connection with my reality.


It was nice while it lasted.


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