Quit Blaming Others for Your Stupidity!

I ran across this article today on Facebook/MSN:

Drunk driver who killed two teens sues Applebee’s and his drinking pal

James Ruiz is two years into a 40-year sentence for vehicular homicide, but believes he’s a victim, too. Ruiz, out on bond after a fifth DWI arrest in 2010, rammed the truck of his drinking buddy, Gilbert Mendoza, into a car after a night of partying in Santa Fe, N.M. Sisters Del Lynn and Deshauna Peshlakai were killed in the accident. Ruiz marked the third anniversary of that tragic fatality by suing Mendoza, Applebee’s and another restaurant for “emotional distress,” claiming the establishments overserved him and that Mendoza insisted he drive even knowing his DWI history and his drunken state. He’s also seeking a new trial based on a claim of ineffective counsel.

You can check out the full article HERE

Where was this idiot during most of his school days where we kept being told don’t give into peer pressure?  You drank that much because you WANTED to drink that much!  To blame Applebees and your friend for what happened is asinine!

YOU went to go drinking.

YOU kept drinking.

Could you have had a better friend with you that night?  Yes.  But if he was actually at fault, wouldn’t he have been on trail as well?  But since he wasn’t, the blame falls back on you, despite what you’re trying to prove with your lawsuits.

YOU still took the keys and drove knowing your “DWI history and drunken state.”

YOU killed those people.

It was YOUR actions and YOUR actions alone that brought this tragedy to those families.  Quit trying to deflect the blame, asshole!

Want to solve this problem for the restaurants?  Make them run your ID every time you sit down to have a drink ANYWHERE it is sold.  When you receive a DWI, the BMV adds that note to your license/ID and you WILL NOT be served any alcohol for a period of time to be determined by someone else… not me.

Doesn’t sound fair?  Neither does blaming restaurants and “friends” for you killing others.


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