Somedays its Hard Staying Focused

Somedays I envy those of you who can go to work, put in eight hours, come home and relax.

I am up 3 hours before my scheduled start time so that I can write, design, and edit projects BEFORE I start what has now become a standard 10 hour day at my day job. Once I’m off, there is a matter of dinner, kids homework, kids showers, spending time with the kids, spending time with my Wife, dishes, laundry, other household matters, returning calls from clients, jotting down whatever ideas I came up with for a new video, design, book, and blog.

I’m not looking for a pity party here. I go through this now because I WANT to keep breathing life into my business until it can be self-sustaining. It is what I want to be doing with my life. The only problem is, it doesn’t make enough to support me, let alone my family!

The problem is, my company, my business, my services are a pretty well-kept secret.

That’s about to change.


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