Today in the News…

I turned on the local news today.  (Or for you Beatles fans, I heard the news today, oh boy!)

I heard about the Government being broke, taxes going up, gas prices also on the climb, 7 soldiers died in a helicopter accident, businesses are having to shut down, the police and fire departments are having to cut back, crime rates, particularly arson, are on the rise, the Secretary of State is involved in a coverup, there is a new flu strand that is killing people, but they won’t tell us what food causes it until 11 tonight, a Governor is working for lobbyists and killing our economy in the process, there’s a snow storm coming that is threatening to dump 1-2 FEET of snow on our area, likely shutting EVERYTHING down, a local Mayor was picked up for DUI, an asteroid is plummeting toward Earth that will wipe us out like the dinosaurs.  Oh yeah, and Kim Kardashian stepped out on the scene last night showing off her “baby bump”.

After 10 minutes, I was so stressed that I am going to need the jaws of life just to use the bathroom!


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