T. J. Lane

So you go to school with a gun, shooting 5 classmates (killing 3).  You are arrested, given a trial, plead guilty to everything, and after the families have their say, this is your response:

“This hand that pulled the trigger that killed your sons now masturbates to the memory. F— all of you,”

Seriously?  I mean look at this punk… how can one do such a evil task, and then be so apathetic about it a year later?


  • Do we blame his parents?
  • Is it fair to blame his parents?
  • Should the families be able to inflict damage in revenge?  (or at least watch as a pro handles it?)
  • Does a hard life in prison for him put a smile on your face like he as in the photo above?
  • Should be treated by the guards like the way Bogs was in Shawshank Redemption?

I pray for the families who will NEVER get past this tragedy.  I pray that no other family will EVER have to go through a tragedy like this.  I pray for this idiot’s family.

I couldn’t stay calm enough to read in front of this schmuck.  The lady who said he was lucky there are so many cops in the room is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!  I have a feeling I would be hurdling tables to get to him should I ever have to be in their shoes.

Here is a video of some of the families speaking to the inmate formerly known as T. J. Lane:

The best thing about this story is, like Columbine, the names will disappear and all we will remember is “The Chardon Shooting”.  All of his antics will be for not.  Enjoy your 15 minutes.

Oh, and don’t drop the soap.


One thought on “T. J. Lane

  1. ambikasingh2 says:

    I am truly saddened reading about this episode. At least, juveniles in America get charged, at least victims get justice. In India, we can be left waiting forever!!
    Why is there so much aggression in the teens these days? If you are not happy with yourself, get help. If you are being bullied, get help.
    May the families who lost their kids get enormous strength to live. May those who lost their lives rest in peace. May Karma deal with this boy.

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