When is Rape Okay?

Today, we will be discussing this little nugget that I found on my Facebook wall:


There has been a question as to the validity of this report, that is not what I want to discuss. Let’s assume, for the duration of this blog, that the information is legitimate AND correct.

Guys, if a girl changes her mind, leads you on, or gets you excited, that’s not code for “Hold me down and do me!” Over 50% of you (according to this poll) believe that.

Girls, 1 in 4 of you believe that if you let us touch you above the waist, change your mind, lead us on, get us excited or we’ve dated for awhile, it’s cool to be forced into sex. And we wonder why there are so many abused wives in this country that won’t leave.

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? When is rape ok? NEVER! It’s not like murder where “self-defense” is acceptable.

“You’re honor, she was wearing the sweet little outfit and the way she was dancing all seductive like, she wanted to as well until we made it where the light was better and saw that I was Quasimodo and wanted to back out. It was too late. I was worked into such a lather that I had to do it. I am pleading self-fulfillment”

“Say no more, case dismissed”

Seriously? Is that how you want it played out? Back in my day (and I’m sure the days before mine) you saw a pretty girl that tripped your trigger, if you worked yourself up enough, you went home, locked yourself in the bathroom, used the self-service pump, and took a nap. End of list.

But no. Those days are over (Why? I don’t know). Women dress up and look nice (or slutty, depending on the eye of the beholder) for themselves. They want to feel good about themselves. What they don’t want is some greasy, hairy, sweaty, P.O.S. rubbing up against them and ripping away, not only their clothes, but their dignity. What happened to respect for the ladies and chivalry?

Maybe I’m wired wrong. When a woman is rejecting me, I don’t want to hang around. I don’t care if I was asking for a date or the time, I am out of there. When a woman is drunk, I can’t shake the idea that she is making decisions that she wouldn’t normally make, which the morning after would be worse than the sober ones rejecting me the night before since regret would be in the fold, as well.

Sexual encounters aren’t about who or how many you can get or just satisfying yourself (that’s what the self-service pump is for!). There are two people (sometimes more, but that’s a different blog) involved. The idea, by my point-of-view, is BOTH parties enjoying the moment. Not “Quit squirming, I’m almost done.”

In Bolivia, they castrate rapists. Maybe they’re on to something.


5 thoughts on “When is Rape Okay?

  1. John says:

    He’s a study that’s probably flawed – but lets ignore that and pretend it’s true, and quote the numbers from it anyway.

    +50% of men do *not* think it’s okay to rape a girl if they turn him on. That’s nonsense.

    Here are some real statistics: 1 in 5 cases of reported rape are actual rape. The VAST majority of the time a rape case is brought forward, it’s because the girl regretted it or got pregnant or an STD that her ‘regular’ boyfriend caught and claimed post-hoc rape. This is a serious problem, because many judges go into these cases expecting it all to be non-sense because the vast majority is ass-covering bullshit. Being charged with rape is such a serious offence, yet women (and some men) try to convict innocent guys of it to protect their own honour.

    Personally, i’d rather be raped than be falsely labeled a rapist.

    Finally, before your days rape was a bigger problem than it is today. Only comparatively recently could women even vote. Rape was even considered the right thing for a “real man” to do to a woman he wanted only 100 years ago. The view that women shouldn’t be raped is a new one, and – whilst it’s taking it’s time to become accepted everywhere – is getting better all the time. The people holding it back at the women falsely crying rape. Watch “The Invisible War”. Great movie about the horrors but also the problems when dealing with rape.

  2. chris says:

    The poll was conducted in 1985, when the idea of date rape was first being considered. I am researching this article and having some success in following it backwards. But, I must say the scariest part of this, is that young men may be reading it and finding support for their own misgivings.

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